Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Kitchen Reveal

The time has finally come.
Our kitchen is complete.
Minus window treatments
and a possible change in light fixtures.
{Especially the one over our table}
If I have something too long or make an impulse buy,
I tend to change them down the road.
While I do like our pendants, I'd switch them out
for the Visual Comfort Sloane pendant any day of the week!
Maybe someday...

I'm pretty pleased with the final space.
It proves that you don't have to gut a kitchen
down to the studs to make it current.

Here are a few before shots.

Here's how it looks now.
It's not the easiest kitchen to photograph
 as it's broken into different work spaces.
I'm definitely not a professional.

The cabinets and walls got a fresh coat of paint.
The countertops were removed
and butcher block and honed marble were installed.
All hardware was swapped for polished nickel.
All the appliances were removed and replaced
except for the double oven.
A farmhouse sink was added.

All of these changes make for a perfect kitchen for our family!

Thanks for taking a looksie!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Bano Beauties

hello there, blog friends.
It's almost been a month. Blush
Who would have thought that caring for a newborn
 would occupy my every moment?
I don't mind too much.

Carlo has the most beautiful peepers.
He's so observant and doesn't like to miss a thing.
Hence, mama not having time to surf blogland.
I feel like a broken record {really}.

Well, the marble island countertop is scheduled to be installed next Tuesday.
It's about flipping time.
I apologize, but I'm at the point of pure and utter irritation.
Once it's in, I'll upload pictures immediately.

Since the kitchen project is coming to a close,
it's only natural that I'd find something else to
day dream about and spend money on.
The kitchen and the master bathroom were two of the big projects
I foresaw before purchasing the cottage.
Remember this beauty?
Great bones, no?
The tile though...bleh!
It's too bad because the quality of the stone is quite nice.
And the limestone countertop and seat in the shower probably
cost the previous owners a pretty penny.
While this bathroom won't be an overnight project
{heck...nothing we do is overnight}
I'm beginning to gather inspiration for the space.

I'm loving the paneled walls and the wall mounted faucets.
Again, wood on the walls.  I also dig the vessels and their bridge faucets.
Can you tell I love me some dark wood mixed with clean white fixtures?
Tile soaring up the walls!
Antique cabinet re purposed. Lovely!
Hex tiles and marble.  Can't go wrong.

All very different but beautiful banos.
It will be a challenge for me to decide the direction of the room.
Too many great looks!
We'll be tackling the master bedroom, as well.
Mommy and daddy need a retreat, no?

I'll be back in a splash.

*photos courtesy of unknown, the polished pebble, country living, bhg.com, bhg.com, milk and honey home, kristen panitch, tuesday's with dorie, milk and honey home, my design dump, the reformed ranch, traditional home, two ellie