Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Nursery Reveal

I tend to be the type of person who is never completely finished with a room.
Every time I'm out and about, my eyes are peeled
for something that may work in a particular space.
Carlo's room has been no exception.
If anything it's been more challenging for me to let go of and move on.
While some things may still change before his arrival,
for the most part this is the way it will stand.
Until his big boy room of course!

we hope you love it Carlo.
Mommy and daddy worked hard.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Carlo's Mustache Bash Baby Shower!

I mustache you a question.
Do you like baby shower's as much as I do?

To celebrate the arrival of our little bundle,
my mom threw me an unforgettable party.
Carlo had his first mustache bash and doesn't even know it yet.

The mustache bash had an old world circus vibe to it.
It couldn't have been more me.

A mustache bash without quirky photos? No way!

A gestational diabetics nightmare.

 The area I sat to open all of my lovely gifts!

Rob's mother gave me a suit of his when he was a child.
Put me and my guests into tearsloved.

Fruit filled waffle cones, soft pretzels, and mini corn dogs were munchies
guests were offered before lunch was served.
Carbs and sugar...can't eat!  Thanks mom! Just kidding!

Root beer floats (my favorite!) were passed as I opened gifts...
and bow tie cookies and chocolate sucker mustaches were favors!

Carlo is one lucky boy
We can't thank our family and friends enough
for all of the wonderful gifts and mommy and daddy advice!


And a few maternity pictures to share with all of you...

We are getting very anxious Carlo!
Stop by for more pictures soon!
The nursery is a few details away from being complete!