Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tiling and Profiling

I wasn't kidding when I said we were ready to follow up our talk with some walk.
Things are moving quickly {yet slowly} around Hickory.
One side of the kitchen is almost done
 I didn't fool you, did I?
The other side of the kitchen where the sink and the main cooking space is located
is on hold until Monday.
Those farmhouse sinks are a doosey to install!

Here is how the one side of the kitchen that we have been working on is looking.
I'm pretty pleased so far!
We haven't grouted yet and boy has grout color been on my mind.
I've been mixed on whether or not to go white or gray.
I used gray in a past bathroom and loved the historic vibe that it gave.
Gray does make the tile pop.
I stood in the aisle for over 20 minutes...contemplating.
Rob fuming.
Fire engine red probably contemplating why I'm so annoying!

gray. white. gray it is. nope white with the butcher block.
In the end, I went ahead and purchased the white. 
I'm shocked by my decision.
I feel that the white will be beautiful yet subtle and won't
compete with our woody countertops.

We shall see.

The fireplace has finally been coated in a lovely shade of creamy white.

Things are surely coming along.
Pregnant lady nesting may have been what I needed to
give me necessary shove.

have a happy weekend!

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Beauty of Butcher Block

Rob took on the wall and won!
You go babe!
What a mess!  Kitchen reno is the absolute pits.
I can't imagine gutting the entire thing.
I have a new found respect for those who take their kitchen down to the studs.
We've done bathrooms, but something about your main living area being
under construction, is well, not ideal.

Despite the dust, I can't help but be optimistic and excited.
I know it will be be worth the hassle.

Here is a snap shot of the wood counters.
The counters are still missing the Waterlox, which we will eventually apply.
Let's rewind.
I'm a happy camper.

Now, the satin nickel hardware has got to go.
It's not jiving.

We'll be purchasing the Restoration Hardware gilmore bin pulls.

We haven't decided on the knobs quite yet.
I've juggled the idea of glass vs. polished nickel.
what do you think?

We'd also love to add pendants over our island
{which is screaming for some honed stone}

I originally wanted an antique brass look.
Now I'm leaning towards good ol' school house pendants
some of this milky goodness!

The lights may come a bit later, but I can't help but envision the entire space.

With your help, I think we decided on subway tile.
thank you.

It's coming along...finally!
Glad your sticking around despite the few months of down time.

*photos courtesy of restoration hardware

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Backsplash Demo and a Cherry On Top!

It's been awhile!
We've been busy bees around here.
The kitchen.
The nursery.
The yard.

Big and pregnant and I'm weeding the beds and the brick pathways.
I'm paying for it today though. Ouch!

The countertops have been cut and have the second coat of stain on them.
Walnut yumminess
They are in need of some Waterlox, but we plan on installing them first.
I hope I don't have to evacuate the cottage due to the fumes.
Carlo comes first.  So if they say out, I'm out

Rob began tearing down the backsplash yesterday.
Talk about a pain in the you know what
This tile was official Old and probably very nice for it's time.
Those first few tiles came down {dry wall and all} and I took a sigh of relief.
It's going to be a lot of work.  I'm talking one tile at a time.
I'll be the cheerleader and provide refreshments when needed.

The fire clay sink and the faucet came in.
I can barely contain the excitement within me.
Now I'm on the hunt for polished nickel hardware, possible pendants,
and the honed stone for the center island.
Phew! $$$!  This girls got to get creative if you know what I mean.

Ooh and here's the cherry on top.
Carlo's crib was delivered.
We were concerned about our color choice but
I'm so glad I went ahead and followed my gut.

I adore the cherry finish.  It reminds me so much of my own crib as a child.
We've been purchasing all the little odds and ends and I can't wait to show you
the final reveal.
Until then I'll give little updates as the room progresses.

I'm thinking giclee prints. Gold antique frames.
Homemade stuffed animals like this little guy.

...and him...
If I could only figure out how to purchase this babe.
The seller is from Buenos Aires.  Contacting her is worth a shot.

I'd love to get Carlo's name crocheted by this fabulous seller on etsy.
While garland is used time and time again, I believe it adds whimsy.

A dreamy night light.

The feeling of creating a room for your child is
something I can't even put into words.
There isn't a day that Rob and I don't go in there and quietly marvel.
In a few days, I'll say so long to trimester numero dos and greet the
third trimester.
It's been a process and I can't wait to meet our little miracle.

Be back in a flash.

*photos courtesy of schlaf (etsy), miga de pan, reraeshop (etsy), moderntreetopbaby (etsy)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crib Catastrophe

Happy hump day!

I've got a crib catastrophe on my hands.
Horrible back aches and crib headaches.

I originally planned on purchasing the DaVinci Jenny Lind crib in cherry.
I searched the web and it's sold out...everywhere!
Numerous websites state that it is on back order and that
 it will ship at the end of June.
Because I'm an obsessed and paranoid first time mama, I investigated the issue.
According to the manufacturer, they are discontinuing the model.

How could they?  It appears to sell incredibly well.
Angel Line carries a similar Jenny Lind style. So that's one option.
I purchased this crib not knowing if I'd love the cherry finish. 
But I had to hurry...these were selling out like hot cakes too!
If I have to send it back I can.  It should arrive any day now.

Or we can opt for the DaVinci in the white finish.
I've been straying from this color, thinking it would
 be white over kill in the room.
The crib will be against the chalkboard wall. 
So while I don't want it to blend in,
I also don't want it to pop out too drastically.

And while I love this style from Restoration Hardware,
I don't think I can rationalize spending that for the crib.
I'd rather buy the big boy bed from there.

Pretty, no?

I'm planning on using all white bedding for the crib,
which I think will look lovely against the cherry wood.
I'll either indulge and buy this or
 have something just as perfect made.

Here are some photos of the room so far.
little peeks.
What do you thinkCherry or white?

...and the rocking chair we purchased that's on the opposite side of the room!

Help me end my crib catastrophe!
My husband will be indebted to you, I'm sure.

*photos courtesy of wayfair, wayfair, restoration hardware, layla grayce

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eggcellent Easter

wishing you an eggcellent easter day
Rob, Ashley, and Carlo (!!!)
*photo courtesy of a ladys findings

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kitchen Details: You Vote!

Hi there, friends.
It's Thursday and for some of you that means a long weekend ahead!

I think we have chosen a fire clay sink to grace our kitchen.
That was stressful.  Those bad boys are pri-cey.
I've made some sacrifices in my dream kitchen. 
The apron sink was one finish my husband and I weren't willing to let go of.
I'll let you know when it's ordered.

now I need your help.
It's the little details that often make a room special.
The hardware and fixtures are the jewels of the room.
the cherry on top.

I've got my eye on a few bridge kitchen faucets.
Again, if i could splurge for a perrin and rowe faucet, I absolutely would.
I haven't ruled it out entirely (ha!) but I found a few economical versions
that I believe would serve the purpose and look lovely.
I'd love your opinion and preference!

I found this giagni chrome faucet for $149 on overstock.

This is the glacier bay lyndhurst and could be found at home depot for $104.
Very nice price.

I know which way I'm leaning, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Now, the backsplash.
Beadboard vs. subway tile.
My husband and the carpenter are swaying me from beadboard.
Why?  I think it would work fabulously with our butcher block counters.

Here are some photos of subway tile.  Another classic look I fall for
time and time again.

That faucet...gah!  Drooling over here.

You really can't go wrong...right?

I'm all ears, ladies and gents!

I'm still planning on using a skirt under the sink.

And I'm back to chrome hardware on my drawers.
That will be tough pickings as well.

One thing at a time...!
hope to hear from you.

*photos courtesy of overstock, home depot,, nest egg, sarah richardson, the inspired room, house of fifity, a lifes design, unknown, for the love of a house

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Farming For a Deal!

Yesterday can be described by the image below.
Last week my stepfather and my husband removed the notorious built-in fridge.
There she is...remember her?
Needless to say, that wasn't an easy task.
In fact, it was quite scary? Comical?

Yesterday we had our carpenter stop by to take a look at the space
that now surrounds our new refrigerator.
If you can remember from previous posts, we decided to purchase a
traditional counter-depth model rather than the built-in look that was muchas $$$.

Our chat started out great.
I asked if he could build a dish rack above our refrigerator.
This wasn't a problem at all!
Here is our inspiration.
I wanted to keep the kitchen airy since we don't have much open shelving.

Over the weekend we took a trip to IKEA and purchased
numerar butcher block countertops.
Rob and I decided that we would stain and install wood
on the perimeter countertops.
The butcher block gets delivered today! Wahoo! 
We plan on installing honed stone on the center island.

The carpenter took a look at the wall-mounted apron sink
that I found awhile back for a steal.
Seeing as we will need to choose our sink before cutting the counters,
this was an important step.
The sink won't work.  How can that be?
I knew that our window was going to be an issue but for some reason
I've been living in fantasy land.
The issue at hand?  The sink would be too low
and I'd be breaking my back trying to wash the dishes.
He even joked that my child would be able to wash the dishes in a year or so.

I hope I can use the sink somewhere else in the house.  We'll see.
I can't seem to part with it and sell it.

Now I'm on the hunt for a farmhouse sink...and I need one fast.
Thus, farming for a deal.
I'm aware that IKEA sells an apron sink, but it's not the look that I'm going for.
Obviously, I'd like to order a Rohl.  But that's not happening.

anyone have any suggestions on places I should look?

I'm really looking forward to seeing some progress in the kitchen.
I've talked the talk but haven't walked the walk....until now!

My day got worse when I couldn't locate a cherry Jenny Lind crib.
Sold out everywhere.  Really?

I'm still on the hunt for that, as well.
Rob convinced me to keep the chalkboard wall in the once office,
now nursery.

Here is a sneak peek of the wall.

Rob and I spent some time putting our favorite bedtime prayer on our babe's wall.

More to come.
A lot ahead!

*photos courtesy of crush de cul de sac, patina white blog